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New Big Kaiser Boring System Rewrites The Rules

An Elk Grove Village based aluminum die-cast house and machining operation isn’t afraid to go all in with their tooling. In a highly competitive market seconds count in any operation. One place most wouldn’t look to be able to save time is with an 11.75″ diameter bore on an older BT40 mill, but with a new tool from Big Kaiser the rules have changed. Why can’t we run faster on larger diameters and on smaller taper machines ?  Tool weight is the key: too heavy to get the SFM’s up, too heavy to tool change. With the new series 318 boring system from Big Kaiser, both of these questions were answered with an off the shelf tool. Series 318 uses anodized aluminum components for the strength of steel with a substantial decrease in tool weight. Additionally, the new system allows for integral slide components to further reduce weight and the additional cost of multiple components. When the customer asked what we might have available for the application, it could not have been better timing for this product. Here are the net results in the customer’s email to me after the tool test. The only issue they had was clearance in the magazine with a large tool on a BT40 machine:

“That tool is awesome. We had to modify pot in, pot out sheet metal and  that’s it.

Ran a part 2400rpm @ 19.2ipm with the regular inserts (carbide) you set up, looks beautiful! “

That’s 2400 RPM on an 11.5″ diameter..do the math on the SFM’s yourself. I think many, many,  large production bores are now up for review.

11.755" diameter on a BT 40 flange. Tool weight approx. 15 pounds


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Fullerton G3 Makes The Grade

Fullerton Tool’s new Alumamill G3 tool proved itself to be the class leader in high performance aluminum endmills at a Chicago area contract shop. The details:

5/16″ diameter standard length tool

6061 Alum   /  .880 deep slot  / Took .220 at a time   / 1500 SFM    / 54 IPM    / 500 Parts

The customer used 3 end mils on this job instead of an other 3 flute tool from a national distributor. Production was tripled.

The key to the performance was the wiper flat on the bottom of the tool, providing superior surface finish even at high speeds and feeds.

Contact me for your no charge test today

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Applications Wanted…

Fullerton Tool has just introduced a new tool to the market, the AlumaMill G3. It’s a hybrid rougher/finishing tool with superior wall and floor finish capabilities. The team at Fullerton’s experience and r&d capabilities helped to develop and deliver this tool to set the bar for high performance aluminum milling. Applications are wanted, test tools are available on a guaranteed performance basis. I’ll be posting results as we get this product rolling, feel free to contact me for a sales flier and additional performance specs.

The AlumaMill G3 Is Here

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