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Speroni Delivers Under the Covers…Competition, Not So Much.

This may be a bit of a long post and sorry for the bad tag line but hang in there…

I installed a new Speroni Magis presetter at a customer in the Chicago area last month. While it was good fortune for me and the customer is very pleased with their new machine, it was a bit of a tough pill for them to swallow. They purchased our new presetter due to the almost constant breakdowns to their only three and a half year old existing unit. Why did they have to replace such a relatively new piece of equipment? Well, I had the opportunity to take a look under the covers of my competitors unit and to say I was a bit surpised is an understatement. I’ve attached a slide show of some pics of the competition’s unit and I would like to point out a couple of ┬ádesign features that over time, proved to be their undoing.

First, take a look at the large voids in both the base and column castings. My customer felt that with larger, heavier tools in their 50 taper spindle, the machine would not repeat. I can understand this due to a lack of support from the castings. Trying to hold tenths with lack of stability is hard to achieve. Secondly and where the customer had multiple problems, is the completely unprotected gold colored glass scale strips along the x and z axis. Even with the covers and bellows installed, contaminants were making their way into the machine and causing the scales to misread. The readout would jump by as much as .010″, the guys in the tool crib were actually using a 20 year old height gage at the end to set lengths out of fear of crashing tools due to bad measurements. My customer machines a lot of stainless and still had contamination problems – good luck in a cast iron shop!

Needless to say, the quality of construction that goes into both table top Speroni Magis and floor model Esperia presetters could never allow for these pretty glaring deficiencies. Solid castings, massive guideways and sealed Heidenhein scales are the foundation for constructing a machine that is designed to last decades, not months on the shop floor. If you’re coming to IMTS 2010 and in the market for a presetter, stop by Big Kaiser at booth W-1600 for a look at the Speroni machines. We’ll give you a look under the covers.

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